NaTH Plus

Tissue Healing

PDGF 0.01%


Active ingredient:

Each vial contains: Platelet-derived growth factor 0.01%

Other ingredients:

Aloe barbadensis gel, Deionized distilled water

Pharmacological Properties


NaTH has biological activity similar to that of endogenous platelet-derived growth factor, which includes promoting the chemotactic recruitment and proliferation of cells involved in wound repair and enhancing the formation of granulation tissue.


NaTH is derived from programmed human cell lines and is used as a wound-healing agent. It mainly contains human platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and other active peptides involved in the complex process of wound healing in the body. NaTH can induce natural wound healing process in people suffering from hard-to-heal open wounds such as diabetic ulcers, burns, and other skin and tissue injuries. It simulates the repair and regeneration of skin and tissue, accelerating healing of wounds.

Specific Warning and Precautions for Use

For external use only.

This topical solution is strictly to be used under aseptic condition by clinicians. Due to availability of growth factors and active peptides in this product, its administration by individuals is strictly prohibited.

Not for cancer patients or post-cancer surgery wounds.

Do not use if the solution contains particles or is not clear upon thawing.

Drug Interactions

NaTH is contraindicated in patients who have acute infection or contaminated wounds; known allergy to Penicillin and Streptomycin derived products; and clinically significant autoimmune or systemic disease.

Dosage and Administration

The amount of NaTH to be applied will vary depending upon the size of the ulcer area. The amount of solution to be applied should be recalculated by the physician at weekly or biweekly intervals depending on the rate of change in ulcer area. NaTH Wound Care solution can be mixed with any wound care products (antibiotics, serum based, hydrogel, etc.) with the ratio of (1:2) and applied to the affected area. 1ml of NaTH Wound Care solution is suitable approximately for wound with 25cm² area.


Shelf Life and Storage Instructions

Do not use this medicine after the expiry date which is stated on the carton and on the label after ‘EXP’. The expiry date refers to the last day of that month. Keep frozen (-20°C).

Store in the original package, in order to protect from light.

Inspect the syringe before use. Use only syringes with clear, particle-free solutions and from undamaged containers.

Do not throw away any medicines via wastewater or household waste.

Upon thawing, sealed vials can be stored at 4°C for up to one week with proper aseptic handling. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles as it will affect the function of active ingredients.

Keep drugs out of reach of children

Carefully read the insert before use

Preparation and Pack Size

NaTH is presented in solution form for external use as a natural wound-healing solution. Each sealed vial contains 5 ml of sterile solution. Colour properties of solution varies depending on temperature from yellow (-30 to -20°C) to red (+4°C).


Further Details

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*This product contains biologically active compound therefore the result may vary per individual.